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2023-09-08 EU projects

UAB “ABC NORDIC” is implementing a project whose main goal is to increase usage of energy from renewable resources for production processes

During the project implemented by UAB ABC Nordic, on the roof of the company’s production building will be installed a 450 kW solar power plant, which will allow the use of ecological electricity in production processes and will significantly r...

2023-08-31 News

Installation of renewable energy resources

For the Aluflam extrusion project “Installation of a solar power plant” has been given the green light. After using the European Union support funds, a solar power plant will be installed, which will significantly reduce the amount of car...

2022-09-06 News

The grand opening of the ALUFLAM EXTRUSION factory took place

2022-08-18 We had a big day – the long-awaited opening celebration finally took place. 250 guests from different countries participated in the celebration. This day marked the beginning of a new phase for the entire ALUFLAM group.

2022-05-03 News

Powder coating line

The chemical surface preparation baths for the powder coating line are already installed.

2022-03-21 News

Administration office at the finish line

The administration office is connected to the factory and will house our employees who are experienced professionals in their fields. Our team can accomplish the customer’s needs from vision at early stages to 3D prototype preparation.