Extrusion process

Aluminium extrusion is a mechanical process during which aluminium billets are converted into profiles. Simplified sequence of the extrusion process: at the beginning, the aluminium billet is pre-heated to required temperature, and then a powerful press pushes aluminium billet through the so-called matrix. Matrix is made out of hardened steel with some machined cavities/holes matching the shape of desired aluminium profile. Once the desired aluminium profile is pushed through the matrix following processes then executed including, stretching, cutting & tempering which are vital in order to obtain final product mechanical properties.

  • the billet, under the influence of the force of the piston, moves through the matrix cavity, splitting the profile;
  • extruded aluminium profile is cut to the desired length and transported to the ageing furnace. At controlled temperature, the required profile hardness is achieved;
  • subsequently, profiles are packed in solid, transportable packaging (wooden crates, stillages etc.).

Aluminium profiles

Modern architectural solutions, automotive industry, energy and many other areas of activity are inconceivable without using aluminium based systems. This is due to number of attractive aluminium properties which are desirable when using aluminium as a structural raw material:

  • easy to recycle and does not pollute nature at all;
  • attractive mechanical properties;
  • available in a wide variety of cross-sections
  • ability to achieve extremely high accuracy (minimum tolerances);
  • easy to machine: when machining aluminium in the factory – complex equipment and machinery not required.

We offer a wide range of products:

  • standard cross-sectional profiles  (do not require an additional investment by the client for the manufacture of the matrix);
  • individual/unique cross-sectional profiles (a special production tool (matrix) to be ordered once we get the final cross-section approval by the customer);
  • system aluminium profiles (profile solutions from ALUFLAM proprietary systems (windows, doors, facades).
  • max length: 7 000mm
  • pressure: 1100T
  • maximum width of the profile: 165 mm
  • minimum weight: 0.10 kg/m
  • maximum weight: 4.000 kg/m
  • Materials and Aluminium alloys: EN AW 6060, 6063, 6005A