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ALUFLAM EXTRUSION is patented trademark owned by ABC NORDIC, UAB which perfectly reflects the long-standing Scandinavian work ethics behind ALUFLAM Group’s activities.

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ALUFLAM EXTRUSION is a patented brand owned by ABC NORDIC, UAB which perfectly reflects the long-standing Scandinavian work ethics behind ALUFLAM Group’s activities – to provide a comprehensive range of services and products. Sensing the rapidly growing demand for aluminum based systems in all industries, in mid-2021, we started the construction of the new ALUFLAM EXTRUSION plant. The new plant is being established next to the ALUFLAM aluminum construction plant in Jonava, which has been successfully operating for more than 20 years.

The plant which was opened its doors in the third quarter of 2022 has more than 8000 sq. m of overall area which accommodates the first aluminium extrusion line in the Baltic States, innovative powder coating line, and wide-spectrum aluminum profile processing/machining equipment. A brand new administration unit with an area of 1000 sq. m will be located in the factory building, where all employees of the ALUFLAM Group work under one roof.

The geopolitical and environmental situation today determines the extremely great demand  for aluminium profile based systems in these industries: construction, aircraft, road infrastructure, naval, renewable energy etc. The ALUFLAM EXTRUSION plant will allow us to produce individual cross-sectional profiles according to the drawings given to us by the customers, as well as machine them and powder coat if required.

ALUFLAM Group is a Danish capital company that has been promoting Scandinavian traditions since 1943. Many years of experience have formed a responsible approach to the smallest details. Therefore, ALUFLAM Group companies are valued all over the world for their high quality products and products‘ reliability and longevity. ALUFLAM EXTRUSION is no exception. Therefore, quality management, assurance systems and process management methodologies are implemented at the earliest projects‘ stages.

The Mission – to produce affordable high-quality products and services, as well as meet the client’s deadlines.

Vision – to be market leaders in the Baltic States by being customers’ first choice.

Values – professionalism, responsibility, sustainability.

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