Specifics of Powder Coating

ALUFLAM EXTRUSION uses the first horizontal carousel-type powder coating line in the Baltic States.
Advantages of the line:
- the technological line is adapted to large products with a length of up to 7500 mm;
- innovative equipment for automatic and manual painting – a very even thickness of the paint layer is guaranteed;
- only certified materials are used;
- high line performance ensures prompt production deadlines.
This type of coverage is characterized by:
- effective protection against UV radiation;
- protection from the effects of the environment (temperature or humidity);
- protection against mechanical effects: scratches, small cracks;
- does not require any special care during the entire service life.


Powder Coating Process

It seems that this coating process is quite simple, but in fact it is not. The process involves such stages:
1. profiles are chemically processed in soaking baths using technological preparations for surface treatment;
2. the production is dried in a special dryer protected from environmental influences;
3. processed profiles are hung on stands;
4. using robots and creating an electrostatic charge, the powder is carried on the surface with pistols, while maintaining an even, required thickness;
5. the stands go to the heating chamber, where they are maintained at the required temperature for a certain period of time.
By thoroughly checking and tracking the progress of each process, ALUFLAM EXTRUSION guarantees the highest coating quality.