Profile Processing

Using the latest equipment, ALUFLAM EXTRUSION can offer processing services for all types of profiles:
- cutting at various angles and lengths;
- milling of various shapes, cavities according to the customer's request.

Rolling of Aluminium Profile Insulators

ALUFLAM EXTRUSION also provides services of aluminium profile insulator rolling. In this process, aluminium semi-profiles, using a polyamide insulator, are combined into a single, thermally efficient profile (e.g. individual window or door profiles).


Our experts will help you to create optimum aluminium profiles according to your needs: from an idea in a drawing to a 3D prototype.
Before we start mass production of profiles, we can offer 3D-printed profile prototypes.


We can adapt our products to meet the most complex customer needs: we offer different types of profile packaging services using cardboard or plastic film. Packing type can be customized for each customer individually.